Saturday, October 14, 2017

Finding the dirt or the gold

It’s election time in Thurman once again – so, apparently, that means it’s time to start digging any and all dirt you can on your opponent. My opponents have incorrectly done so.

Let’s see here, I have had an investigation brought against me by the former supervisor questioning the timeliness of the donation for JackWax, when a simple call to me could have averted the whole situation - not once did she call me. Questions were answered to the investigator and the case was closed with no action taken because the money went into a dedicated account(according to the investigator was untouched) and went out of the dedicated account to the appropriate person when she was found. That was the finding of the Warren County Sheriffs Investigator, as posted in the Post Star. 

I have had my very brutal rape brought out to everyone’s attention, causing me to relive it – that was private, but I answered the questions. I was then called a perjurer, a felon - many women who are raped fear their attacker, fear retribution from him and decline to press charges. I was afraid to press charges, afraid to testify and afraid of retribution from my assailant - I was only 25 years old and was afraid.

Perjury is a felony, I am not a felon, I was charged with false report of an incident, which is a misdemeanor, because I afraid to testify at 25 years old as many women are  – I then got bashed by those who accused me, both men and women, for answering and called a liar on social media. 

I have had questions presented about the property my husband and I own. We are married.  My husband and I both work and combine our incomes to support our family financial responsibilities, those include paying our taxes, which are paid – again private. 

Now it seems some have stooped to an all-time new low! My deceased father, who was a wartime veteran. He served four tours in Vietnam with the Marine Corps and I have his DD214’s to prove it. He was the strongest and most courageous man I ever knew and I loved him dearly. Sadly, he died at an early age, he was 59. He did not have a will and it took me years to finally get a proper burial for him. He died of a massive coronary, most likely from the long-lasting effects of Agent Orange. Agent Orange started working on his body in his mid-forties when it started on his circulatory system. I can’t tell how it pained me to see this super strong man, my father, get weaker and weaker by the day and I hope you never have to see it either. The last thing he said as he was grasping his chest was ‘I think I’m dying.’

My father owned a new modular home, it was mortgaged, sadly he passed away before he could complete paying for it – this was almost 13 years ago. I had my own bills to pay and could not assume responsibility for my father’s debt. He had made his girlfriend beneficiary of his life insurance because I believe he knew he was ill and wanted to provide for her. She choose to not make payments on the mortgage nor offer any money for his burial.

This property, 1292 Route 29 Olmsteadville NY has never contained my name on any deeds, mortgages or assessment rolls, therefore, no judgment was brought against me on this property - most personal.

Now that you know my life story, my pains and my struggles – you know I am a fighter. If you want to try to kick me down you should know I will always get back up – there is a valuable lesson to be learned from every struggle you have in life.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Hens Coming Home to Roost

This came in the mail at town hall yesterday...
It is from the Internal Revenue Service inquiring about town employee's Social Security Administration filing being incorrect for the year 2014, not once, but twice...
My question is, under who's "watchful" eye did this fall under?
Do we want to to take a step back in the past, or move forward with the trained people who have brought us there and will continue to.
It took our town bookkeeper 1 day to resolve a potential $47,005.81 fine left unresolved by the previous Administration for the year 2014.
We all need to thank our current bookkeeper and Supervisor for resolving this issue, hence saving us a substantial fine left unattended by the past bookkeeper and Supervisor.
...what other Easter eggs will be uncovered?

My final question is, why did the Governing body, i.e. the Board, not know of this, and if they did, why did they do nothing about it.
There is no reference to this in any town meetings, discussion at town meetings or documents contained in the Clerk's office.

Monday, June 19, 2017

Bond/Bond Anticipation Notes

At the last Regular Town Board Meeting there was discussion about the Bond/Bond Anticipation Notes. Please find below highlighted sections of the Resolution passed by the prior Administration. 
A former board member was confused as to the wording of the Bond Agreement. Perhaps if she had taken the time to read it before voting on it she would have understood it a tad better.
Needless to say this is the agreement the former Administration set up, it's being adhered to by the current Administration and homeowners affected by the Salt Contamination will soon have 
potable water.

Monday, February 6, 2017


In only less than 2 months. Thurman has lost a supervisor, Ms Wood, a board member Jey Youngblood, a secretary for the supervisor Sally Feihel, Gleaning and food pantry volunteers Mr and Mrs Decker, and today, the volunteers for the Youth Commission, Nancy and Don Decker and Bob Shepler.
Turning their backs on the very town they claimed to love.

The historic Jack Wax party can still be held however, despite many efforts to encourage these people to continue with it. Not one who finds reason to complain or spread false rumors has bothered to come forward and offer to figure out a plan to keep this tradition going.

Question is. Is it really a loss? I must also ask the question, " What do all of these people have in common?"
The answer is, they are ALL close friends through their "connections" not only with the town. But on the outside as well. As for the loss? Absolutely no loss there.

An email was brought to my attention that contained a conversation between the former town supervisor and a town resident who happens to be related to a town board member at the time.

This email also contained the names and email addresses to all of the people listed above due to it being forwarded to them each including former board member Gail Seaman and a few others proving they are a close nit click.
Out of the entire email. One statement  has stuck in my mind and was clearly referenced towards their political opponents.  And that is,

"They know we can be discredited left and right and they are willing to do it."

Could this statement contain the reason for their ditching the town of Thurman?
I'd have to say, it most likely does.

To date, the former town supervisor and her former personal secretary have "refused" to aid the chair person currently in charge with gaining access to any of the towns account.
In fact, they were quoted as referring to the towns computers as "my computer" in their very weak statements they posted on social media with reasons as to why they would not hand over passwords.
Those computers are actually considered government property.

This refusal has been done out of spite and has caused hardships for the chair person to conduct daily business and will only result in an unecessary expense of hiring a tech to gain access to the accounts.

Regardless, the new board will prevail despite the intentional sabotage of the functioning of town business by these people who once "claimed" to care about the town and it's residents. Guess that was a lie and leads one to wonder, we're they only there for their own personal agenda or benefits?

In the end, who has gotten hurt with all of this?
For starters, the Children due to the youth commission volunteers QUITTING just days prior to the Valentines day party for the making of valentine's for veterans.  Veterans due to the youth commission QUITTING.
Town highway workers due to the REFUSAL of the former supervisor Evelyn Wood to aid in the access and/or creation of new passwords for town accounts.  Along with the refusal from Sally Feihel for the same etc. AND the towns residents.

Overall,  Is this all the worst thing that could have happened to Thurman? No.

This could have been the very best thing for the town of Thurman  even though it may not seem that way right now. We must understand the new board was left with a very big mess to sort through, clean up and fix and they have been working extremely hard towards these goals.

As for the "quitters". Their departure has spoken volumes. They give their long sob stories for excuses for ditching the town. When in reality. They were simply "Weak links". Nature most certainly does have a way of taking care of itself.  And that's called.


Sunday, January 29, 2017


As I sat back and watched Mrs Seamans re actions regarding the rescinding of the appointment of Christian Holt as sole assessor. I could not help but ask myself.

Where is this woman's dignity?

Prior to and during the discussion to rescind said resolution, Mrs.Seaman was seen handing out flyers containing alleged laws for appointing a sole assessor and breaking a town rule which reads:

"Placards,banners, or other signs are not permitted in meeting rooms, nor are the distribution of flyers."

It seems rules do not apply to certain individuals such as Mrs. Seaman, a two time failure to elect "former" and illegally self appointed board member. However, she has been quick to condemn those that "do not follow the rules."

In my profession, psychology plays an important role.

Upon observing not only her actions and display of anger and disruption at this town meeting.  Relentless direspect towards residents. Defamating the characters of those who do not share her same beliefs. Followed by numerous outbursts,  and recruiting of fellow hecklers , constant tellings of untruths to misperceive others without ever providing tangible proofs to back her claims via social media, clearly  scream " emotionally unstable "  Pysychosis if you will, aka  out of touch with reality. Desperation.

She is fighting a fight that has already been lost. And that fight is with herself.

Please Mrs Seaman, for your sake and that of your family.
Take a deep breath and step back. It's over.
Leave the past in the past. Stop it with your durogatory comments and insults towards those who are honestly trying to rebuild what has been torn down. It's non constructive to say the least.
Your displays of desperation last evening are proof that you're losing control.

It's time to move forward for the good of the town and the good of its people.
Working together to rebuild and restore this quaint town to where it should be.

"Almost heaven"