Sunday, January 29, 2017


As I sat back and watched Mrs Seamans re actions regarding the rescinding of the appointment of Christian Holt as sole assessor. I could not help but ask myself.

Where is this woman's dignity?

Prior to and during the discussion to rescind said resolution, Mrs.Seaman was seen handing out flyers containing alleged laws for appointing a sole assessor and breaking a town rule which reads:

"Placards,banners, or other signs are not permitted in meeting rooms, nor are the distribution of flyers."

It seems rules do not apply to certain individuals such as Mrs. Seaman, a two time failure to elect "former" and illegally self appointed board member. However, she has been quick to condemn those that "do not follow the rules."

In my profession, psychology plays an important role.

Upon observing not only her actions and display of anger and disruption at this town meeting.  Relentless direspect towards residents. Defamating the characters of those who do not share her same beliefs. Followed by numerous outbursts,  and recruiting of fellow hecklers , constant tellings of untruths to misperceive others without ever providing tangible proofs to back her claims via social media, clearly  scream " emotionally unstable "  Pysychosis if you will, aka  out of touch with reality. Desperation.

She is fighting a fight that has already been lost. And that fight is with herself.

Please Mrs Seaman, for your sake and that of your family.
Take a deep breath and step back. It's over.
Leave the past in the past. Stop it with your durogatory comments and insults towards those who are honestly trying to rebuild what has been torn down. It's non constructive to say the least.
Your displays of desperation last evening are proof that you're losing control.

It's time to move forward for the good of the town and the good of its people.
Working together to rebuild and restore this quaint town to where it should be.

"Almost heaven"