Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Hens Coming Home to Roost

This came in the mail at town hall yesterday...
It is from the Internal Revenue Service inquiring about town employee's Social Security Administration filing being incorrect for the year 2014, not once, but twice...
My question is, under who's "watchful" eye did this fall under?
Do we want to to take a step back in the past, or move forward with the trained people who have brought us there and will continue to.
It took our town bookkeeper 1 day to resolve a potential $47,005.81 fine left unresolved by the previous Administration for the year 2014.
We all need to thank our current bookkeeper and Supervisor for resolving this issue, hence saving us a substantial fine left unattended by the past bookkeeper and Supervisor.
...what other Easter eggs will be uncovered?

My final question is, why did the Governing body, i.e. the Board, not know of this, and if they did, why did they do nothing about it.
There is no reference to this in any town meetings, discussion at town meetings or documents contained in the Clerk's office.