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Thurman Broadband Options

Last Mile Wireless

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Fred Engelmann writes:

"Until recently, discussions about broadband in the Adirondacks were focused on what's called 'middle mile' fiber. Middle mile refers to a transport network between locations - from one town to another, for example, or from an existing transport network to an anchor institution like a school or hospital.

What was missing from the conversations was a necessary focus on the much more difficult issue - last mile distribution to homes and businesses. This presentation is from a local governments day conference in Lake Placid, way back in March 2010. The purpose was to educate elected officials and state agencies about current and future technology options for last mile service delivery.

The last mile, or access network, can utilize wireline or wireless technologies. Wireline refers to physical plant like copper pairs, coax or fiber. Wireless includes licensed spectrum like cellular and satellite, or unlicensed spectrum in the microwave and TV white space bands.

Many of the references are to standards developed by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE). I used these to categorize the technologies; rather than simply referring to industry terminology like 3G, LTE, WiMax etc. WikiPedia is a good source for additional information on the standards, the technologies used, and their development history.

This presentation was the beginning of a multi-year effort with two goals - find a solution for last mile distribution to low population densities, and shift the focus to last mile funding instead of middle mile fiber. I'm glad to say we've succeeded on both counts."