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Thurman Broadband Options

Last Mile Wireless

Please find a link to the White space technology.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask. Fred Engelmann will be checking comments periodically and will be happy to answer them.

Fred Engelmann writes:

"Until recently, discussions about broadband in the Adirondacks were focused on what's called 'middle mile' fiber. Middle mile refers to a transport network between locations - from one town to another, for example, or from an existing transport network to an anchor institution like a school or hospital.

What was missing from the conversations was a necessary focus on the much more difficult issue - last mile distribution to homes and businesses. This presentation is from a local governments day conference in Lake Placid, way back in March 2010. The purpose was to educate elected officials and state agencies about current and future technology options for last mile service delivery.

The last mile, or access network, can utilize wireline or wireless technologies. Wireline refers to physical plant like copper pairs, coax or fiber. Wireless includes licensed spectrum like cellular and satellite, or unlicensed spectrum in the microwave and TV white space bands.

Many of the references are to standards developed by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE). I used these to categorize the technologies; rather than simply referring to industry terminology like 3G, LTE, WiMax etc. WikiPedia is a good source for additional information on the standards, the technologies used, and their development history.

This presentation was the beginning of a multi-year effort with two goals - find a solution for last mile distribution to low population densities, and shift the focus to last mile funding instead of middle mile fiber. I'm glad to say we've succeeded on both counts."

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Broadband Project Background

Core Networks
• Capacity measured in billions of bits per
second (Gb/s)
• Fiber is king - virtually unlimited bandwidth
with equipment upgrades
• Core network is the crucial first step
• Subscriber access requires additional
investments in last mile infrastructure

Last Mile Wireline
Expensive New
Physical Plant
• Fiber to the home
• Fiber to the curb
• Coax / CATV
• No business case
Leverage Existing
Physical Plant
• Metro ethernet
(fiber + copper)
• T1, bonded T1s
DSL - best value
• Telco has the wire

Last Mile Wireless
Expensive Spectrum
Peaks & Ridgelines
• Cellular 3G
Voice and Data
• Cellular 4G
LTE and WiMax (802.16)
• Long Range, near-LOS
• Carriers focused on mobile
services, not fixed
Unlicensed Spectrum
Elevated Structures
Private 802.16
Longer range, near-LOS
• Standard 802.11 (Wi-Fi)
Many small coverage areas
Extended 802.11
Mesh, PtMP (LOS only)
802.22 TV ‘white space

Our Best Options
Telco DSL - They Already Have the Wires
Circulate petitions and show a business case
Moderate incremental expense for carriers
Adirondack Style - Do It Ourselves
Utilize unlicensed spectrum solutions
Low to moderate capital expense
Public / private partnerships cover OpEx
• Major carriers are not focused on economic
benefits in the Adirondacks. We are

WiMax / 802.16
• WiMax Forum is an
industry organization to
promote and certify
• The only certified profile
for unlicensed spectrum
uses 5.8 GHz, which
suffers from rain, snow
and foliage.
• Commercial vendors
offer same technology for
unlicensed spectrum.
• Advanced modulation
and antenna technology
supports longer range
and better penetration.
• Unlicensed 2.4 GHz band
good for towns, valleys
and other near-LOS.
• Unlicensed 900 MHz
good for long range and
non-LOS. Tradeoff is data
rates less than 3 Mb/s

Wi-Fi / 802.11
• Wi-Fi Alliance is an
industry organization to
promote and certify
• Designed for small, local
wireless networks.
• Media access control is
contention-based and
does not scale to large
• Wider coverage requires
many radios, with mesh
or point-to-multipoint
back-haul links.
• Mesh and PtMP benefit
from deterministic and
proprietary media access
control techniques.
• Generally poor
penetration through walls
and foliage - LOS only.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Unofficial Voter Results from BOE

Please find the unofficial results from November's General Election. Once these numbers are certified we will keep you abreast.
NTS Election Night Reporting System - Accumulated Race results
Warren County Board of Elections
Office of the Board of Elections
1340 State Rte. 9
Lake George, NY 12845
Warren County Municipal Center
Deputy Commissioners
Wm A Montfort
Mary Beth Casey
Beth McLaughlin
Emily Kladis
General Election 11/05/2013
1 of 1 (100%) machines reporting (1 total districts)
Evelyn M Wood 277
John Haskell 255
Scatter 3
Cynthia R Hyde 354
Scatter 11
THURMAN TB Vote for 2
Daniel E Smith 347
Michael L Eddy 299
Kathy Templeton 105
Scatter 8
Patrick S Wood 387
Howard Cook 84
Edward J Binder 326
11/13/2013 10:36:32 AM Page 1

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Early Results

Wood -251
Haskell -228

More results to follow


Okay, we've done our self-appointed job, now, you do yours. Go vote! Thank you
Additionally, I'd like to inform you all, that this blog will not shut down after the election. We will continue to publish post and plan on having recorded minutes from the town board meetings up here within hours of the meetings, not weeks.
Thank you all for taking the time to look over this blog and get the information you wanted to see. We hope it was helpful.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Thurman Ballot

Please find the Sample Ballot for Thurman. Make sure to get out and vote. If you need a ride to the Polls there are two people who have volunteered to give rides to Thurman Polling place, they are;
  • Marilyn Hoy-Youngblood at 623-9710
  • Shirley Wendling  at 623-3783
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Saturday, November 2, 2013

Supervisor Wood's reply to the previous post

#1 The people of this town are the bedrock of our community not stepping stones.
#2 The Board has to abide by the laws and do what is in the best interest of the majority of the people of the town, not just a select group. I do not make decisions like this on my own. The Board has 5 members and we vote.
#3 No one is forcing anyone to do anything, Jim Desourdy is from town and picks up trash here in town.
#4 The multi Year plan is a tool from the Comptrollers office, it is a spreadsheet that shows what we can expect depending on our financial choices. Town Board are supposed to use it. There is no debt involved.
#5 The Town’s Republican Committee is made up of 2 people. Two people voted at the endorsement meeting and I was not one of them. Towns endorse local candidates, those rules apply everywhere in the county.
#6 The county did discuss the future of Countryside. They have every year since I was on the Board. I was the one who questioned whether or not it could even be closed because we now have the senior meal site there.
#7 I voted against the increase in exemptions for seniors because it would the cost of those exemptions onto the working class people who had no exemptions, increasing their taxes. The Warren County Assessors Association was not in favor of this exemption increase either.
#8 The airport expansion was approved back when John was in office. By the time I came into office the expansion was already underway. Also, Finch and Irving are both employers in our area that depend on the airport to fly in parts for their machines. If they can’t get parts will they stay here? Or will they leave taking the jobs with them?

Eddy, Haskell & Smith Letter