Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Is D.E.C. costing Thurman more money?

The Post Star gave D.E.C. a Boo due to costing Thurman more money. See the link below and you decide if it is in fact D.E.C. that is costing Thurman more money, or perhaps its something else.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

D.E.C., Board Meetings and Audios

Below you will find two links, the first is a link to a video of the Thurman Board Meeting. I have started it for you where the conversation begins regarding the Salt Project. The second is a link to an audio recording of Mr. Mt.Pleasant responding to what was stated at that board meeting. 

At 39:59 Councilman Eddy addresses the board to ask Councilman Youngblood a question pertaining to the salt project. Youngblood is the liaison to the Highway department appointed to him by the supervisor at the January organizational meeting. However, Youngblood is not allowed to respond and the supervisor speaks for him.

Note, at (apprx) 40:40 Supervisor Wood states D.E.C. was on site that day and was very happy.