Saturday, October 14, 2017

Finding the dirt or the gold

It’s election time in Thurman once again – so, apparently, that means it’s time to start digging any and all dirt you can on your opponent. My opponents have incorrectly done so.

Let’s see here, I have had an investigation brought against me by the former supervisor questioning the timeliness of the donation for JackWax, when a simple call to me could have averted the whole situation - not once did she call me. Questions were answered to the investigator and the case was closed with no action taken because the money went into a dedicated account(according to the investigator was untouched) and went out of the dedicated account to the appropriate person when she was found. That was the finding of the Warren County Sheriffs Investigator, as posted in the Post Star. 

I have had my very brutal rape brought out to everyone’s attention, causing me to relive it – that was private, but I answered the questions. I was then called a perjurer, a felon - many women who are raped fear their attacker, fear retribution from him and decline to press charges. I was afraid to press charges, afraid to testify and afraid of retribution from my assailant - I was only 25 years old and was afraid.

Perjury is a felony, I am not a felon, I was charged with false report of an incident, which is a misdemeanor, because I afraid to testify at 25 years old as many women are  – I then got bashed by those who accused me, both men and women, for answering and called a liar on social media. 

I have had questions presented about the property my husband and I own. We are married.  My husband and I both work and combine our incomes to support our family financial responsibilities, those include paying our taxes, which are paid – again private. 

Now it seems some have stooped to an all-time new low! My deceased father, who was a wartime veteran. He served four tours in Vietnam with the Marine Corps and I have his DD214’s to prove it. He was the strongest and most courageous man I ever knew and I loved him dearly. Sadly, he died at an early age, he was 59. He did not have a will and it took me years to finally get a proper burial for him. He died of a massive coronary, most likely from the long-lasting effects of Agent Orange. Agent Orange started working on his body in his mid-forties when it started on his circulatory system. I can’t tell how it pained me to see this super strong man, my father, get weaker and weaker by the day and I hope you never have to see it either. The last thing he said as he was grasping his chest was ‘I think I’m dying.’

My father owned a new modular home, it was mortgaged, sadly he passed away before he could complete paying for it – this was almost 13 years ago. I had my own bills to pay and could not assume responsibility for my father’s debt. He had made his girlfriend beneficiary of his life insurance because I believe he knew he was ill and wanted to provide for her. She choose to not make payments on the mortgage nor offer any money for his burial.

This property, 1292 Route 29 Olmsteadville NY has never contained my name on any deeds, mortgages or assessment rolls, therefore, no judgment was brought against me on this property - most personal.

Now that you know my life story, my pains and my struggles – you know I am a fighter. If you want to try to kick me down you should know I will always get back up – there is a valuable lesson to be learned from every struggle you have in life.