Monday, September 16, 2013

State of New York Certificate of Relief from Disabities

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  1. Ok, so if I understand this correctly, Mr. Haskell had his right to vote and be on a ballot returned to him through courts (this is what I have heard, seeing that document would be nice). HOWEVER, unless a JUDGE revoked the order in the certificate here, he CAN NOT HOLD OFFICE. so WHY even run, sure he can be on the ballot, but if he can't hold the office, why waste the tax payers time, just because people aren't happy that they can no longer "do what they want". I keep hearing put the heart back in Thurman.... From what I can see, it is the HEART of the residents that needs changing, how is letting this man back in office going to put the heart BACK in Thurman, when he wasn't thinking of THURMAN residents when he was in office in the first place.