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Reply to a comment made on Blog Post "Advanced Life Servive vs. Basic Life Service

I am very concerned about the post by Mrs. Wallace. Yes, A BLS only agency can provide many services to help a patient depending on the patients condition. However, at absolutely no time will an IV be started on a patient unless the patients condition warrants it. To outright accuse an ALS Tek of starting an IV so that they can, as Mrs. Wallace states, BOOST the charges, is irresponsible and slanderous and she should consider the possible legal ramifications of an accusation such as this. I am appalled that anyone would even think that this is true let alone, put it in writing for the world to see.
There are many things that a BLS provider (EMT) can do for a patient but there are also many things that they cannot do. As was written in a post on this blog by Kathytemp on October 19,2013, an ALS equipped ambulance with an ALS provider (Critical Care Tek or Paramedic) on board, can essentially provide the same treatment to a patient that they will receive in the Emergency Room. The biggest difference between ALS and BLS is the training that the provider receives. An EMT receives approximately 190 hours of classroom time. A critical Care Technician receives approximately 400 - 500 hours of classroom training and a Paramedic receives a minimum of 1100 classroom hours. These hours do not include the numerous hours that the CCT and Paramedic have to do to get on-line status. The Paramedic program is, in many areas of New York, a 2 year degree program. The CCT and Paramedics also have to attend a minimum of at least 12 hours of continuing education each year just to remain on-line in this region. EMT's do not have the same requirements. Thurman EMS has minimum "patient contact time". When an agency, ALS or BLS only handles 80 to 100 calls a year, there is no way that a provider can remain proficient at their skills or with their ability to appropriately assess a patient. Easy calls are far and few between and if the EMT or ALS Tek that has little hands on patient time gets a really "difficult" call, the ability of that provider to provide optimal care to the patient is drastically reduced.
Again, well trained and proficient providers are essential to quality patient care. EMT's can provide many services to a patient but they are limited, both in their scope of practice and their training. When an ALS Tek decides to place an IV in a patient, they are doing this for a very good reason. All patients are treated according to their condition and an IV is not started if the patient does not need it. All ALS calls are reviewed and any concerns that are found are addressed immediately.
As a fellow Health Care Professional, I sincerely resent the accusations made by Mrs. Wallace. I would sincerely think an apology would be in order to all of the Health Care Professionals that are deeply offended by her remarks and accusations. At the same time I am sorry for Mrs. Wallace because if she actually feels that what she wrote was true, she has missed the point in why we do what we do, always provide optimal patient care for the people that call for us in their time of need. What we do, providing pre-hospital medical care is a profession, and should be provided by true professionals.
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  1. Yes ADKEMT you are right in one comment that you have made I am not ashamed of what I write and I did “put it out there for the world to see”. I stand by what I say, If I was worried about “legal ramifications” I would have worded my statement differently. Therefore I will not “apologize” to you or anyone for my statement.
    Also the amount of training is true. But the “amount” of calls that one agency goes on compared to another, does NOT make that agency any more “proficient” than the other. We being a “small” squad and making “fewer” calls does not make us ANY less “proficient” to “provide optimal” care to a more difficult call.
    Yes, providing pre-hospital medical care is a “profession” and it should be provided by “true professionals” I am VERY proud of being a “volunteer” E.M.T. as I have for 20 years of my life. I have held MANY offices in numerous squads, including Quality Improvement (reviewing patient’s written reports).
    I ADKEMT have never felt the need to hide my identity by using any other name. I will NOT apologize for wanting to help people, whether to help them understand the difference between B.L.S. and A.L.S. or to help them in an emergency.
    Again I stand behind what I say.

  2. Honestly Thurman… Really? What a war zone the town has become. The little piece of heaven that used to exist is now full of slander, hate, and other negative non-sense. Isn’t the best way to show your support for your chosen candidate at the polls?
    What a shame that this race has caused such a dark shadow on Thurman. It’s the American right to vote for who the voter chooses. Sure, providing information about the candidates is important. What their plans if elected are and so on. Whoever you support, vote for them. That’s the loudest your opinion will get. There’s no need to create such a hostile environment within the town.
    These people are your neighbors. When you’re down, you’ll turn to them for support and vice versa. Put down your torches and pitch forks and start acting like the adults you are. Everyone is entitled to an opinion, and entitled to vote for the candidate of their choosing. Let it be. If you disagree, it doesn’t make either opinion right or wrong. It’s a difference of opinion. The world will not end with either runner in office.
    Stop gunning for one another and bring back the sense of community that once made Thurman a nice place to live.
    Who will I vote for? Guess that’s between me and the voting booth. But whoever I choose, it’ll be the right choice for me. That’s all that matters.

  3. Thank you ADKEMT, for your detailed reply. This whole EMS situation is so confusing to me that when accusations or statements are are made, most of the time not only do I not understand but it just leads to more confusion and I don't know what question to ask next, to clarify it. Your explanation is easy to understand and makes so much sense. Thanks again.


    I have a question for Sally Wallace. Is it true that Warrensburg EMS and Thurman EMS started negotiations to merge?? If so, what happened to stop the talks of a merger? If you don't know the answer to this question, does anyone else??

    1. Ruth I do not know the answer to that as I was out of town at that time but Jean Coulard would be more than happy to answer any of your Questions, Yours too Whinnie 623-2602, call her ANY time

    2. Thanks for your response Sally but I'll pass on the call to Jean, I found her letter very nasty and not 100% truthful. If I'm reading the Minutes correctly, it appears TEMS refused to provide their financial information and that is when the talks of a merger ended!!

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. I'm going to be completely honest!! This woman, in my opinion, started some of the issues that led to the downfall of our squad.. She was a bully and caused many of the talented and well trained EMT's to leave the squad a few years ago!! Ask some of the members that left, if they are HONEST they will tell you she was the problem!! Didn't she leave Thurman EMS herself and go elsewhere only to be ....well I won't go into that here!

      People have short memories!! Anyone can go through the town Minutes and see that she has been involved, in one way or another, with the problems that squad got themselves into.. Her letter blames the squads problems on everyone else but where it truly sits and that's in her lap!! It spiraled downhill fast from that point on!!

  5. The squad had many meetings with the board and the MInutes reflect that!! The board was verbally abused during talks with the squad and the Supervisor was also told by a member of the squad that she (squad member) "wished death upon the Supervisors child/children"!! The town did the right thing and contracted with Warrensburg based on the lack of training of individuals on our own squad!! Sure, you may have newly trained people NOW, but it's a little too late!I

    I'm tired of hearing that the board didn't listen to the 118 people who attended a meeting in support of the TEMS!! Many people don't come out because of the very same ridicule, name calling and hatred that we are seeing here and in this town!!

    John never represented US when he had the chance, what makes you thing he will IF given that chance??

    1. Mrs Keller, I have forwarded your words to the squad Captain and the Squad President. I have been asked by the President to have you meet her at the squad building on Sunday afternoon at 4:30 and to please bring documentation of your words. If your words are factual then the squad will take action against the offenders. If you cannot prove your words with written facts, then we will take action against you.

    2. This comment is under review by blog Administrators. It appears to be a personal attack.

    3. Sally Wallace, can you please be more specific on your request for documentation?? I'm not sure I fully understand your request.. I will not be threatened or bullied by you or anyone else!! Take legal action against me??? For what?? Go through the Minutes from our Town from January 2006, shortly after I took my seat on the Town Board starting with the Special Meeting within days of me taking my oath of office!!

    4. I have laid in bed on the eve of election and couldn't turn the thoughts off long enough to get a good nights sleep! I have learned a lot about some individuals in this town and came to the conclusion as to why more GOOD, HONEST people won't run for office in this town!!

      I wanted to give Jean Coulard a chance to explain her point of view on Sunday. I spent nearly three hours on the phone with her. I have since learned through making phone calls and researching her claims of how wrong the squad was treated by the board and learned MOST of what she told me was lies.. not to mention the down right nasty personal attacks on Evelyn and Kathy Templeton, which in my opinion, was non of my business nor anyone else..

      Her letter was an insult to the good people in this town and I'm sure the supporters of a convicted felon were not bothered by it at all!! The squad could not go out and get one candidate to run for office, they had to get three. They want the majority vote to send this town back to where it was under Haskell's administration! They want their majority to run this town and their only goal is to the squad funded!! They don't care about anything else!! It's a shame what the town has become.

      I will include some inserts from a conversation between myself and Sally Wallace who in her own words to me:: ^^Ruth, you need to realize where Lori and I are BOTH coming from. Lori and I both ONLY want the E.M.S. running. If John does NOT win, we CLOSE. So with ALL respect to you and your committee. Lori and I will do ANYTHING to get John in and KEEP our Thurman E.M.S. IN Thurman.** In my opinion, this remark by Sally speaks volumes!!
      The sad truth is, Sally is part of a group that has spread vicious rumors and has made false claims of town issues..

      It's important for ALL registered voters to get out there today and vote, don't vote with your heart, don't vote for a candidate because they are good neighbors, vote for the individuals that will continue to represent ALL residents and not just a small group that has made it their mission to get what THEY want!!

      I'm not afraid to say, I support Evelyn and Kathy Templeton!! I will not vote to stack the board for personal gain, I will vote for the individuals that stand with honesty and integrity!! Good luck today girls

  6. I just ran in to a friend that I have had for MANY years. I WILL apologize to all of my E.M.S. Friends that I have had over the Past 20 years if they took my statement wrong or right. Everyone that knows me knows I speak my mind. I NEVER said that A.L.S. does not do anything to help save lives. My MAIN point is to let all of the Thurman People Know that we DO NOT NEED A.L.S. to save EVERY life. A lot of People are under the impression that If we DO NOT have A.L.S. we can not help them with B.L.S. alone (years of negotiations over the years made them understand this) I WILL NEVER apologize to people whom feel the need to use FALSE names. Also everyone that knows me, KNOWS I have had YEARS of ride time, I can NOT deny what I see or hear.

    You ALL need to UNDERSTAND that if our CURRENT supervisor WINS, there WILL NOT be a THURMAN E.M.S........

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    If you cannot abide by the regulations of this blog, please find another venue.