Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The Decision of the Appellate Court; The State of New York v. John Haskell

In response to a viewer of this blog, please find the Appeal and Decision of the the Appellate Court on the Felony charge against John Haskell for Defrauding the Government of the lower court, upheld by the Supreme Court.


  1. And he keeps insisting he is innocent...lately one person told me they thought he was just naive. How naive do you have to be to think THAT!

  2. It disgust me that he still continues to say he did nothing wrong. A few years back, he insisted he "misspoke", now he claims someone committed perjury. Also, he claims he learned in court the procedure he and his board used for three Right of Ways were done illegally. He served as Supervisor for many years and he had to learn the proper way of granting a Right of Way in a court room????

    I must say, I held many people in high regards until they started defending this crook and I'm left to question their integrity!!

    Mr Haskell, you challenged the readers of the Chronicle $100.00 to read the transcripts and decide your guilt or innocence based on that. Provide that transcripts at a public meeting and lets see the green!!

    I hope the voters do as you say and vote on your record!! If they do, vote on your record, (criminal record as well as town records), the results of the election SHOULD BE A NO BRAINER!! Evelyn SHOULD win by a land slide if the smart people of Thurman do as you tell them!!

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