Saturday, November 2, 2013

Rebuttal letter from T.E.M.S members

Here you will find the rebuttal letter mailed to citizens of Thurman and received on or about 31 October, 2013.
We apologize for the link, we will work on this so it may be viewable without it.


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    1. Mrs.Coulard and Mrs. Smith, I have reviewed my posts on this blog and my "Letter to the Editor" of the Post Star and I have never said that there were Paid members of T.E.M.S.

  2. After I received the 2 items in the mail from the John Haskel, Dan Smith & Mike Eddy campaign and then from the EMS signed by Jean Coulard, President and Lori Smith, Captain (wife of Dan Smith) I posted this reply on FB but will re-post it here:
    I must be truly stupid, as I do support Evelyn Wood and according to today's mail that is what I must, be to do that. I just received 2 items in the mail, all bashing Evelyn with accusations that could have been addressed at the debate if people seriously had wanted answers to them. I believe she is willing to still answer any questions people may have, just ask her. In all of the 2 pages I received today, there is not one thing that the opposing group offers. Not one promise, not one thing they will do better, not one issue they will address not even one thing they will try to improve. As it was said at the debate, Haskell's record stands on it's own. Read the documents in this blog if you have any doubts as to what that record is.

  3. How can anyone trust an individual who will say in a conversation, "If you repeat this, I will deny saying it"? Mrs Coulard, made this comment to me at least three times while discussing her point of view of the issues that we are facing here in Thurman.. I caught her in numerous lies about the issues between the squad and town board which led to our board contracting with Warrensburg!

    To be honest, I learned several things about the inner turmoil the squad was dealing with from her, such as, disgusting pornographic material that was downloaded on the squads computer while they were paying someone to sit there 24/7 not to mention a paid individual turning the squad building into their own little love shack. According to Mrs Coulard the images she viewed were very disgusting.

    The tax payers of Thurman bought drugs that were suppose to be used by our members that were ultimately donated to another squad.

    When I asked her why TEMS stopped all negotiations of a merger with Warrensburg, she claimed that Warrensburg wanted to pick and chose who from the TEMS would be able to work out of the WEMS facility and she said that was unacceptable to her so she stopped all negotiations, when in reality, she offered to sell off TEMS building and ambulance for $150,000.00. When WEMS wanted to look at the squads books, she refused and told them, just to cut the check and IF there was any money left over after the TEMS paid off their debt, they would cut a check to WEMS in the amount left over! I can see why WEMS declined that offer... The information on the merger negotiations and the ending of it is clearly reflected in our town minutes... I'm not stupid, as you claim to the responsible voters Mrs Coulard and you should have known I would have done my own research to your claims!

    While on the topic of our elections, she proceeded to comment on the way Evelyn Wood was raised and blamed that on her lack of people skills. " Mommy shielded E Wood according to Mrs Coulard and therefore created an individual that lacks people skills". I asked her to please stick to the topic of town topic without the mud slinging! While talking with Mrs Coulard, she continued the bashing but moved from Evelyn Wood to Mrs Templeton, bringing up issues that was also none of my business and I told her that but she insisted with her hateful words..

    I asked Mrs Coulard to look back at the turmoil within the squad and accept partial blame for the boards decision to contract with WEMS while they, not only get themselves trained to provide the service they want funding for and to get their act together within the squad.. She couldn't see that, she felt the town should pay first and then they would get their act together... In my opinion, our Town Board made the right decisions for!!

    We are not voting for a person with the "right" people skills nor are we voting on who is a good neighbor and who isn't. We are voting for the individual(s) who will continue to move our town forward in an honest way with our taxes in mind not for where a supervisor purchases her stamps and how she was raised!!

    Vote smart today, don't vote with your heart or by the vicious personal attacks on the candidates that are truly looking out for our best interest!