Saturday, November 2, 2013

Supervisor Wood's reply to the previous post

#1 The people of this town are the bedrock of our community not stepping stones.
#2 The Board has to abide by the laws and do what is in the best interest of the majority of the people of the town, not just a select group. I do not make decisions like this on my own. The Board has 5 members and we vote.
#3 No one is forcing anyone to do anything, Jim Desourdy is from town and picks up trash here in town.
#4 The multi Year plan is a tool from the Comptrollers office, it is a spreadsheet that shows what we can expect depending on our financial choices. Town Board are supposed to use it. There is no debt involved.
#5 The Town’s Republican Committee is made up of 2 people. Two people voted at the endorsement meeting and I was not one of them. Towns endorse local candidates, those rules apply everywhere in the county.
#6 The county did discuss the future of Countryside. They have every year since I was on the Board. I was the one who questioned whether or not it could even be closed because we now have the senior meal site there.
#7 I voted against the increase in exemptions for seniors because it would the cost of those exemptions onto the working class people who had no exemptions, increasing their taxes. The Warren County Assessors Association was not in favor of this exemption increase either.
#8 The airport expansion was approved back when John was in office. By the time I came into office the expansion was already underway. Also, Finch and Irving are both employers in our area that depend on the airport to fly in parts for their machines. If they can’t get parts will they stay here? Or will they leave taking the jobs with them?


  1. A few Questions for Ms. Wood or whom ever else might know the answers. I was going to send this through Ms. Woods email as she had said would be fine to whomever had Questions. But since so many people know the answers already, I thought I may as well ask any of you the following~Don’t mess with DEC

    1) Why didn’t Ms.Wood’s letter address the major DEC problems?
    Well, Salt shed, and Salt lagoon with aeration (to dissipate salt).
    How many $100,000.00? – She isn’t budgeting for.
    “Keeping taxes down”?~~~
    2) Ms. Wood stated at the August and September board meetings, she worked extensively with the
    calculations for the NYS Fiscal Stress Monitoring at a conference with other town administrator’s.
    Her results for Thurman were “Better Than all the Towns State Wide”.
    Look at New York State Fiscal Stress Monitoring website- 3 surrounding towns – Chestertown, Stony Creek and Johnsburg
    were better than Thurman. Plus many other towns.
    She professes to tell the truth???????

    1. I still have not received ANY answer....For a LARGE group of Evilyn supporters that seem to know just about everything, all I am getting for answers are Questions????? Well????? Ms. Wood??? Anyone???

  2. Sally, where is the concern over the Comptroller's report under John's administration? Can you honestly say, he had better control over our finances? geesh, I wonder where we would have fallen in the Stress Monitoring while he was in office..

    Also.why do you raise "other" issues that are not addressed in the mailer from John, Mike and Dan!! Evelyn responded to the issues at hand and it's not good enough..

  3. I'd like to add that Evelyn is being criticized for her attempt to bring high speed internet to our town but I'm sure everyone criticizing her efforts will jump on the service once it's here!! Where was the outrage over the 1.4 million dollars on the "train station" that John was very instrumental in?? Let's talk of ALL the decisions he made without the boards full input or knowledge of!! This race for Supervisor has made hypocrites of individuals.

  4. It is my understanding that this SALT SHED was built back in 1971.... long before Evelyn wood was born, so she inherited the problem and now has to FIX it. How is that her fault!!!! Why wasn't this issue addressed under Mr. Haskell's watchful eye.... And why ask any of US questions when apparently we are all STUPID....

    I have always respected the EMS for their strong convictions toward serving the community, but I have lost all respect for the people running it now after sending out insulting letters to households, thinking that was going to open our minds to their way of thinking... All you have done is hurt the EMS. The people of Thurman have always tried to support the EMS, but as far as I am concerned I no longer do... Before you reply... I have had to use EMS in the past... and had both Warrensburg for one call and Thurman for a second time.... Thurman did not get here any quicker than Warrensburg and I got MUCH better care from Warrensburg than Thurman.... When given non chewable COATED aspirin to take for chest pain from THURMAN EMS, I was told to chew them... when I said I could not chew hard coated aspirin I had a bottle of sterile water tossed at me and was told to use that to swallow them with.... sorry personal experience has made up my mind..... The one time I had EXCELLENT care from Thurman EMS was when I had Suzie Baker and Dexter Baker taking care of me... Suzie never left my side even in the ER. Also before you reply, I know that the person that was taking care of me at this time that Thurman EMS came is no longer with the EMS, So before you say I shouldn't blame the EMS personnel that are now on the squad, it is THIS EMS that sent out insulting letters and also.... how is my opinion on my care back then any different from you blaming Evelyn Wood for every problem in Thurman that some started before she was even born or happened under Mr. Haskells terms. NOW... let's let the residents of Thurman decide on Tuesday!!!

    1. For a Big Strong Adult whom likes to throw out LARGE accusations....You need to HIDE behind a Cartoon characters name.....Not sure if I can believe a cartoon character.....

    2. LOL.... My next opinion will be made at the voting both!

  5. BRAVO Spirtwalker108!! Well said :)