Tuesday, October 27, 2015


I do not often editorialize on this blog, today’s entry is the exception to that rule; with the General Election just a week away I feel it is important that a few things be brought to light.

It is important to have a diverse town board; not only to create a realistic setting for discussion, but also to encourage the growth of a town while stepping outside the boundaries to entertain exploring new ideas.

A town board that always agrees is not necessarily a good thing if it means it keeps the town at a standstill and does not move towards the future. It is the obligation and sworn duty of each elected official to make decisions for the whole towns future, not simply to agree and go with the flow.

Furthermore, is having a board that always agrees and does not discuss issues of the town a wise way to approach the situation….  This strategy would be a great detriment to the town. At some point the issues that had been avoided would wait no longer and need to be addressed. What then?

Thurman has some concerns in a couple areas and we need elected officials who will work for the whole town, not a select few. Our town needs board members that can agree to disagree and still maintain to see it through for the betterment of the voting public.

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