Thursday, September 19, 2013

Evelyn Wood's Campaign Mailer (Page 3)


  1. Can you tell me how could the EMS barrow funds? Who would lend them money? How can they be in debt and if they are and Thurman again contracts with them, will the Town be liable for repayment of those debts??

    1. How T.E.M.S. can borrow funds, who the lender(s) could be and how they could be in debt, if they in fact are, can only be answered at this time by the T.E.M.S board members.
      If the governing Town Board decides to contract with T.E.M.S. before the two year contract with Warrensburg Emergency Medical Services expires, W.E.M.S. would be within their full legal right to sue for "Breach of Contract". It is illegal for taxpayers to be billed twice for the same service. In that case, Thurman taxpayers would very likely be responsible for the $50,000 service contract, legal fees for both sides and whatever T.E.M.S. determines to be their budget.
      (Note: See T.E.M.S. 990 on this blog for past budget).
      Potentially, Thurman taxpayers would be responsible for a sum in excess of two hundred thousand dollars for a one year period.