Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Summary of New York's Relief from Civil Disabilities statute

 Please pay note to first line under "Restrictions on Issuance" located at the bottom of the page.\zindex\2000&Item=864

A question was asked. If Mr. Haskell won the election and can not serve, what would happen? We have spoken with board members about the rules and they are; If a supervisor is removed from the seat the board appoints the new supervisor. This happened when Mr. Haskell was replaced by Mr. Pitkin. If the board appoints a board member for supervisor a board member seat will be open and the board with new supervisor will appoint a new board member.What that would mean in real terms is that the composition of the town government would be chosen by three to five people.  


  1. If the board of elections can "trump" the rulings of a judge, my question is this. Can Motor Vehicle give a person back their license after it's been taken away for a DWI felon???

  2. So the new supervisor and possibly a new board member would be chosen by 3 to 5 people and we, the voters would have no say at all??

  3. @Lucyann8, That would be correct, we would have absolutely no say at all as to whom the board appointed to the position of Supervisor.