Thursday, September 22, 2016

The Center Candidate

Recently I have been questioned numerous times by an individual who wishes to hide behind screen names such as 'Landowner' and 'Other Viewpoints' stating things like the following 'Capital letters, exclamation points and the chant of “I tell the truth” is the common trait of a supporter of Mike Eddy and his comrades Cynthia Hyde and Kathy Templeton' and 'Recently, Kathy Templeton was seen at a public meeting with the Eddy's where she asked questions....'

It is my opinion that these such shenanigans are an attempt to make you believe falsehoods about me. Let me set the record straight. I have been seen in the company of many people in this town and many surrounding towns as well. I have been seen at Cub Scout Committee Meetings where I hold the Advancement Chair, Cub Scout meetings where I am a Den Leader, Democratic Committee Meetings where I am the Chairwoman of our town committee, the Board of Assessment Review where I am the Chairwoman of that committee... I could go on if you'd like, but I think you get the picture.

Was I at that "public meeting" with the Eddy's, well, you could say yes. I should point out though, that also in attendance at that meeting was Susan Shepler and Council Member John "Jey" Youngblood. So, you could say that I was there with them as well.

This meeting was not within our town, though. It was held at Bolton town hall where Bob Freeman held a seminar about Open Meetings Law and Freedom of Information Law also known as FOIL. Did I ask questions? I most certainly did. What you might choose to question is whether or not your current board members asked any, and the answer to that I'm afraid is, "No".

What you get if you choose me this November is a board member who will ask questions and get answers. A board member who will listen to your concerns and bring them back to the board meetings. A board member who will research the issues in this town and reply with an answer. And finally, a board member who will work to reinstate your privilege to be able to speak and get answers at town board meetings.

I am the Candidate in the Center, I will listen to you and answer to everyone!

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  1. Doesn't the PAC team have anything better to do with their time? For supposed DO-GOODS they sure are black clouds. Apparently not out doing all the good things they claim because if they were, they wouldn't have so much spare time to write garbage.