Tuesday, September 20, 2016

You ask questions, I get answers

Some folks have asked me to research the validity of a new blog's posts: specifically the expenses the board incurred during the New York City training trip. The blog in question is stating that the board members spent just a little under $1500.00 for the entire trip, that, my friends is not accurate at all, but don't take my word for it, go ahead and click on the links and find out for yourself.

2016 Annual Training School
  • Meals-------------------------------------------------->      $    426.81
  • Seaman----->  $372/night plus tax and porter fees         1300.24
  • Shepler------> $322/night plus tax and porter fees           984.22
  • Wood--------> $522/night plus tax and porter fees         1628.82
  • Wood's room service--------------------------------->            44.60 
                                                                                       $ 4384.69

Not $1500.00 as you have been told, but in fact $2884.69 more than that.

And unlike some of the other sites that say they are telling you the truth with no documentation, I have the documentation for you to look at yourself. Proving once again that you can't '...just say whatever...'

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  1. That is not the only one they vacationed on with taxpayers money, also the Lake Placid Resort where the Supervisor and I am assuming the Mother spent 49.00 for room service and breakfast. The bill for food was ridiculous. Seems Martin has a page that is giving another fabrication of the bills for their vacations on us. Foiling for the Travel Policy they are using a 2012 policy and touched it up by waving the 2016 ethics policy, if they go by that 2012 policy even waving it they are grossly above any number.